Aug 21, 2010

This is where I am...

...right now!
4miles in at a hanging mountain lake.

Doesn't seem right to have cell service in the wilderness.
Kinda fun.
Totally unethical.
Gotta power down.
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Eleanor said...

Anything that allows me, here in Sydney Australia, to share this view with you.... is definitely both ethical and fun.

Thanks for sharing Softrockmama.

Limecat said...

That looks very, very remote. Are there bears and other things with big teeth?!

Soft Rock Mama said...

Anytime Eleanor. I like you. Is that odd?

Limecat, you know it!! That's why at my side lies the most ferocious dog ever.
Just kidding, on the dog part.
Yes, on the furry things with big teeth. Goes with the territory.

Ladies thanks for stopping by!