Aug 31, 2010

Fall is nearly here....then comes WINTER!

{ my boy heading up the trail}

This summer we have spent many hours walking trails, riding bikes, floating rivers, climbing rocks, sitting stream-side, going to the lake and best of all being together.
It has been fun to have the both kids at an age where they can walk into the mountain lakes, ride for miles and we all have fun.
The complaining is very minimal.
Which is SO nice.
Makes me want to get up early pack up our packs with food, water and GO.
I like going.
A lot.

On this particular day we headed up a trail for a walk, it was only a few miles into our destination so Chaco's were the footwear needed instead of heavy duty hiking boots. Plus we needed water worthy shoes, for we were headed to the most amazing natural water slides.
Well, maybe not the most amazing.
I have seen photographs of natural water slides on tropical islands. And those, with their warm water, SMOOTH rocks and tropical flowers blooming, must be most amazing.
But for us and where we live, we were excited to go slide down bumpy granite slabs of rock and splash into icy cold pools.
On a hot day and after a 3 mile hike they sure seemed amazing to me.
Or maybe that was the nips of Sauza while trekking up the trail.
Who knows.

What fun we had!
In the midst of all the fun, I forgot to take pictures of the water slides.
Oh, well.

At least we didn't leave our sunglasses sitting on a bed of moss along side the trail.
The Boy was concerned for the person who had left them.
Sweet he is.

After we had all the cold water we could take, we headed down the trail towards home.

I love the contrast between the rocks on the trail and foliage of the trees.
Hard and cold. Soft and warm.

My trail gear...sun hat, backpack, water bottle, sun glasses and camera.

This summer has been great.
Thank you summer. We have enjoyed playing with you.

(I am starting to look forward to winter.....SKIING!!!!!)


Eleanor said...

Oh yeah! I remember what fun we had skiing with you last winter. Bring it on!!

P.S. Love your sandals.

P.P.S. It's so obvious I'm a city girl, right?

Soft Rock Mama said...

Oh, where oh where do I start.....
- Last winter, it was fun!
Just so you know this year they are sayin it is a 'El Nina' year.
~Mega Moisture = lot's a snow~i hope!!!!!!!!!
I am counting on piles and piles of dry fluffy white stuff. (key word being DRY. Dry = easy)
[wet&heavy = work]
{me = easy & fun & steep}

By the way, I have seen your smile and can only IMAGINE it radiating while sliding down freshly fallen snow on a gentle slope. Think about it!

- Chaco's, I love...I can hike for miles and miles and miles...

- No, not so obvious. What is, that you enjoy life. Bumps and all.
That is most admired.


Limecat said...

That looks so healthy and fresh and uplifting. Lovely scenery.