Aug 17, 2010

Happenings of another kind

Sooooooo - we have been on this journey. A journey towards home.
Buying a home.
Our first.
I remember talking about this journey with my dear Aunt Sondra (she is fantastic. I will tell you about her some time) whilst I was pregnant with the youngest. 7 short years ago. We are still traveling on the path. Persistent we are.

Today was the 'day' we put in the 5th offer on the 5th house....biggest difference, this home is not a short sale.
So, in theory things should move MUCH faster. We will see. We should have a reply by Thursday 9am.

Holy Shit!!!!

Excitement muddled with a fresh smidgen of fear.
A good fear.
Not a bury my head in the sand kind of, a giddy scariness. Like the first time I jumped off the bridge into the river. Like the first time I headed out on a extended road trip by my self.

Fingers Crossed!

Odd random note - last Thursday night while tripping my brains out and watching Michael sing, life became suddenly clearer. As if the sands have settled, oh yes, still available to be stirred up at any time ~ but I don't have to. Or I can. My Choice.

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