Aug 20, 2010

Life ~ Love ~ Memories

{picture from the mid 80's. Somewhere on the east coast, summer vacation - B is lovingly strangling his grandmother}

My husbands grandmother is dying.
His heart is breaking. As is ours.
We are separated by thousands of miles. A road trip was made cross country so he could hug on her and in a way, say goodbye. Though that was not spoken of.
He lived with his grandparents for the last two years of high school, as his family had to relocate due to work.
The bonds that he shared with his grandparents, gramma especially is amazing.
To watch them was a beautiful thing.
They both claimed they were telepathically in touch. I can recall SO many times in the middle of a conversation or dinner, B would suddenly stop and excuse himself to go call her.

It was just a feeling.

Beautiful, really.

I never knew my grandparents and am always in awe of their relationship.

Today he called me in tears, he is just so sad.
I want to swallow him up in my love and take all his pain away.
But I am not that we walk through the forest of sadness. Looking for glimpses of the rainbow, finding blessings in the path of life.
Finding the good in the midst of loosing one so cherished.

These times are sad.
Memories are wonderful.

I feel so blessed to have know and loved her for the past 14 years.
My in-laws have been most amazing during this process. They moved back to NY last fall. Put their life on hold to be with her, to keep her out of an institution and in her home. What an example of selfless love they have shown. They have been amazing.

Life & Death.
Both normal. Both hard.
Both can bring gifts.

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