Aug 25, 2010

Okay, so I can't count

(a peek at our wedding day) (14years + 1 day)

On the 16th I said only 9 days left. Should have been 8 days. Must have not been using both hands to count on. Geesh. [Perhaps I should rethink this home schooling thing]

For us it was the perfect setting. On an overlook's edge, looking out into the wilderness.

A place where we fell in love.

A place where I worked harder than any other job. InMyLife!!

See the ledge behind us, right below my elbow...B climbed up that to me.

I know. I know! Awesome.

I should show you B in his tux, climbing harness and shoes...just coming over the ridge. My favorite moment of the wedding.


Eleanor said...

Happy anniversary!

Are you serious about B coming over the ridge? Or was that a metaphor? Either way, please do post the photo. Thanks ;)

P.S. I also SOBBED like a baby at my wedding, and I cannot really explain this day (22 years later). It was indeed a mixture of all the reasons you mention, and I think that your post about it is true and brave and I find it empowering. Thanks Softrockmama.

P.P.S. So happy that you and your kids have adopted Totoro, please give him a big cuddle from me.

Soft Rock Mama said...

Yep,I'm serious, sure am! It was cool.
His poor family didn't know why he wasn't anywhere to be found - Cause he was at the bottom of the cliff, getting ready to climb up.

For you I will find and post a picture of that moment. It was spectacular!

Limecat said...

That's a great photo. It looks very passionate!