Feb 22, 2009

Sunday - Family Walk

It was just too sunny to stay inside so we loaded up into the truck and headed to the river to go on a walk and give Elsie a bath.
Smiles were worn by all.Elsie loves to ride in the back seat with the kids

First things first - find Elsie a stick

The hubster found me a heart rock
Princess found an ice arrow

I really like heart shaped rocks

Elsie waiting for the stick to be thrown

She stands funny when anticipating the next throw

Looking up to the west - can you see the lookout? We all hiked up there last summer. Princess did it in her socks.

Rivers are a great place to think

We tossed rocks through thin ice

The prince managed to stay dry

Elsie got her bath/swim

We walked and discovered

She smiled a beautiful smile

We saw things dying

We saw new growth, that reminded us spring is coming.
Our beloved winter is leaving.
We came home and cooked chicken burritos and watched movies.
Today was a great Sunday.
- Digital cameras
- Netflix
- A husband who likes to cook
- Sunday walks by river edge
- Jalapenos

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blackbird said...

THAT looks like a fine day out.