Feb 4, 2009

Lots of this and that with pictures

Here I am.
I am soooooo sucking at this regular blogging concept. Oh well, it is only for me and for the kids when they are older. While we are on that subject, that being kids, let me digress. As I call him, Little A let me know today that 1. he is not little and 2. his name is NOT Little A. OK, fine. He is right - he is neither of those. For me that poses a question, what shall I call him and Miss I for that matter, so that someday there future employer doesn't read all about their childhood. So, after our chat I asked what they would pick for internet names. Note to self, don't ask for input where I don't really need it. After much discussion this is what they have came up with. 'Miss I' my girl prefers to be known as Princess and 'Little A' prefers Prince. Believe me this did not come easy. There must have been 20 to 40minutes of discussion figuring out what they wanted their names to be in cyber land. Not bad, not great. I can deal with their new cyber names.
I'm giving up trying to fill in all the blanks of what happened during the days/weeks I don't write. Ya get what ya get and ya don't throw a fit, per the kids.
So here we go... Oh, and forget what I said about not going back,cause we are going way back but for just a moment or two, possibly five. I feel the need. Having just lost my entire hard drive and NO I didn't have an external hard drive. I want to save some of these photos from being lost.
The Prince lost his first tooth way back on Sept. 26 2008. Oh, he is so cute! He pulled it out himself. I really should write the story of the MIA tooth fairy, perhaps one day soon. Lets just say the tooth fairy got hung up in Hong Kong and was a night late in visiting. We have a note to prove the Hong Hong trip too. In tiny tiny fairy handwriting no less.

Then came the second tooth 16 days later. Tooth fairy was on time. And payed good. I'm thinking of losing a couple.

Here is a fun little side note, see those baby blues? Wouldn't you think that his daddy or I have blue eyes? You might, but you would be wrong. Wrong, wrong. We are both brownish green. Now for the funky part - both of our mothers fathers had blue eyes. And now both of our kids have the most beautiful big blue eyes. I love them. And they some how got the blondish hair color, while we are both dark brown.

Genetics, pretty amazing.
Then came walks and picnics. This happened to be 10-08-08. Leaves were just starting to turn and fall. Weather was brisk. Snow was on the mountain tops and we were dreaming of...

Skiing. This was the first year that the kiddos got their own downhill ski gear. It was so funny to watch them walk/clomp all around the house in their skis. We were just waiting for snow.

One more picture from our day at the river..............

The Prince is 5 and 1/2 the Princess is 10 and 1/2

Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all came and went. I have photos but won't add them at this time.
January brought many inches of snow down in the valleys and feet of the fluffy white stuff in the mountains. Which will hopefully keep the forest fires and smoke this summer to a minimum. And keep all of us smiling and playing till March.

That's all for this post. Next time the greatest Christmas gift of all - A trip with just adults to someplace warm and sunny. Wonderful. Wonderful. Many thanks to my parents.


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