Feb 24, 2009

Our January Get Away

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we received a most wonderful Christmas gift from my parents. Let me tell you about it --

Four adults, who were without their seven offspring
Boarded a plane headed for Arizona
To spend a week, a week doing whatever we wanted
Whenever we wanted
It was fantastic
A must-do again, soon

We left these beauties, snow and below zero winds
(this picture is from fall - think no leaves, no green grasses and lots of snow)
For these, ancient drawings in a warm climate

And huge, ancient junipers growing out of desert rock
I wanted to hear the stories these walls could tell. Of children giggling, mothers grinding corn for family meals and of waterfalls cascading down from high above during the rainy season. We saw ancient fingerprints held in clay mortar that, so amazingly, is still holding the house walls together

We found this high atop a land-bridge. It was 17 seats in a circle, with some sort of covered fire pit. The seats were all in this huge sunken circle and for the most part quite comfortable. It was one of those very unexpected finds that makes you stop and ask questions. Why? Who? How? Why? I'll probably never know.
I do want to go back some time to sit and watch the sunset and drink a glass of wine with my B, my husband. It was pretty magical

We added to the great number of these. Those hands are my brothers. It was he and his wife who were with us. They minus five offspring. B and I missing our two.

We did a lot of this

Saw these, I loved them. Found out the indigenous people used this plant for food, fiber, hunting implements, and poison too. Food and poison, a mere 4 hours (or was it days), of roasting in difference. I'm sure there are many other uses but that is what comes to my mind

Sedona, Arizona
Book a flight now, run, go do it, you really should.
I had never spent any amount of time in the desert. I loved it and can't wait to go back someday.
Thanks mom and dad for your great thoughtfulness in setting up this vacation for us. All the details were perfect.
Oh, and many, many thanks for keeping all the grand-kids, they had a great time being with you and being with each other.
What do you say, Hawaii next?
- Clouds low on the mountains (I'm also thankful for the snow falling up high)
- Little hands who are willing to help
- Princess and her love of her brother, even when he is being a pain
- Meyer Lemons
- Great Parents - Really Fantastic Parents - Parents who show love and patience


Eleanor said...

WOW!!!! That's a 'wow' for your fabulous parents even more than for the holiday destination, although that also deserves a huge 'wow'.

I am so happy to have discovered your blog.

You really live in all of that beauty?!!

P.P.S. The picture of Elsie with the goggles makes me so happy.

RW said...

Here via an invite from Eleanor - glad to meet you.

My in-laws are part time residents of Arizona and they love it there too!

eurolush said...

Hello, Soft Rock Mama. Nice to meet you!

I'm also here visiting after reading your grand introduction at Eleanor's.

Your photos are beautiful. The mountains are amazing.

Sedona looks otherworldly. What a great vacation for you and the grown-ups!

Julia said...

Hi! Eleanor sent us over and what a super post to arrive on.

Eleanor said...

Me again.

Just visited the "Ranch at Salmon Creek" blog after reading one of Tj's commentboxes at journeymama.com and....oh my goodness...there you are in a commentbox.

That's all.

I'll stop bothering you now.

Soft Rock Mama said...

Eleanor - I know, I know My brother and I are really blessed. Our parents rock. I was born and raised in this beautiful place, never left. Glad Elsie makes you smile. We love her very much, she is a great addition to our family.
Thank you so much for your kind words and skootching over in your circle, I'm glad to sit and get to know you and your friends.

Hi RW, glad you stopped by. I don't think I could do AZ in the summer. I would overheat and melt down. It was a perfect winter get away.

Hi Eurolush and Julia! Thanks for stopping by. It was very nice of Eleanor to introduce me to her friends.