Feb 22, 2009

Friday in pictures {with a few words too}

Fridays are my days.
Thanks to a great husband who understands skiing weekly, on my own, is much cheaper than therapy.
I love Fridays. I LOVE my man.

Waking before my alarm goes off. A great way to start my day. Having all my gear laid out, ready for me to silently get dressed. A great way to start my day. Kisses in the dark, saying goodbye and letting him know I love him and his gift of my escape. A great way to start my day.


The moon was low in the east. Skies were beautiful.

Driving down our road I had to stop and capture another glance at my morning

35 minutes into my drive these beauties came into view. (My husband and I got married at their base and they wowed all of our family with their beauty. They witnessed our profession of love and commitment to each other. I love these peeks, The Three Sisters, we call them.)

And then at 8:27am this is what I'm driving past. Not a bad sight on my day.

Actually, this is my view. I wanted to show the peak up close and personal. And, I didn't want to admit that there is no snow on our valley floor. That makes me sad.

Thankfully the mountains are holding lots of snow. And that is where I'm headed.

The drive continues...

Starting up the pass. My first look at runs on the mountain. My dashboard, the braided thing? you ask. It is sweet-grass. Never smelled it? You really should. It smells wonderful. Natures car freshener.

The ridge that connects north and south mountains. Off this ridge is where I'll play today.

Self portrait heading up the chair.

Chair #2 - One of my favorite runs! - View from midway looking north - I love this tree

Another reason I love my Fridays, ski classes. Not only do I get away from the house and all of its duties, but I get to learn.

Learn from her...

And this my friends, is my all time greatest ski teacher. She pushes me to places I wouldn't go on my own. She has helped to groom me into the skier that I am today. I have SO much to learn. She is trying to bring back the word 'rad'. She is soo RAD! Hella Rad. She carries saws (aka chainsaw) up hills and fights fires all summer. She grew up on a real working ranch. Someday (soon) I'm going to be able to keep up with her flying down the hill, letting our 'mother-ship' lead. That is one of my goals.

Me and my Friday ladies only ski class
(I am second from the left)

This is how we ended another perfect day. With food and beer. Ended as any good day should.

I LOVE MY Fridays!!!!


- Shaped skis

- Blue skies and mountains

- Caring husband who provides for our family (who lets me play)

- Low pressure systems that bring snow to our mountains

- Teachers, friends, and the Grassers. Oh we love the Grassers

- Snow. Lovely white snow

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Duyvken said...

Where do I sign up?! What a wonderful day, thanks for sharing it with us.