Feb 18, 2009


Part of my WWW* homework is to be more consistent. To pick one or two things and maintain consistency. Yikes! I am not a creature of habit, normally.

One of the my choices, after kids school and thinking about dinner before 4:20pm, was this, blogging. I'm still not 100% sure how I will or want to use this 'journal'. But I'm thinking a good way to figure that out is to just do it. I don't have expectations of daily entries but twice a week is reasonable.

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One of the new things I am doing with the kids is creating a 'This I Believe List' with each of them. I think it will be an interesting snippet of things important to them at this time in their lives. It may be very interesting to look back at in future years.

New found family fun. Ice Skating.
We are all enjoying frozen lakes and ponds. We have even went to the rink a couple of times. It is so funny to see Prince in his little hockey skates cruising all over the lake. I love being able to expose them/me to new and challenging experiences.
I never really enjoyed skating when I was young. I always had those horrid white figure skates that never fit properly, floppy ankles and freezing toes, hurting fingers and a cold body.
Thank goodness for my mountaineering husband who makes sure we are all outfitted with great fitting skates and layers of merino wool, capaline and gortex. He is all about going into the outdoors well prepared.
Prepared for most everything.
This used to annoy me.
All the packing and the 'just in-case' preparations. I saw it as time wasted. Now, after 12.75 years of marriage I have reaped the benefits of his preparations many many times. Rain coats when unexpected showers fell. Fleece pullovers on mountain peaks where it was near frigid, though sweltering hot in the valley and I thought he was nuts to carry the extra weight. Not nuts just smart.

This is the man I love and am grateful for everyday.
- My family, both near and far
- Wisdom from www ladies
- Season Pass for skiing
- Library Cards
- Choices

* I'll tell more about this in the near future. It is one of those blessings that everybody should have, if they want.

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