Feb 4, 2010

What? I thought it was my day off

{** Post edited to show what I actually accomplished ~ Hmmmm...not as productive as I hoped but the biggies got done and now tomorrow is mine. (and it is still snowing-yippee!)}

This is what I'll be doing today, so I do indeed have the day off tomorrow......

  • Publish the newsletter for work
  • finish it first
  • Get ski boots packed out - so my heals stay put on tomorrow's powder day. (as i sit here B has the kids up at the ski hill - the house is quiet. QUIET!!!!! and its snowing)
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Check the fermenters...make notes on what was brewed. Start my other learning list. (list #54,658)(but this list is exciting and fun)(changes, people, changes)
  • Develop a proposal for HBM (perhaps this will just get started on and not completed)
  • Finish mug club paper work and be done with it. and okay with it.
  • Prep ski stuff (get pass from B)
  • Correct music booking at work(this one i hate. calling and disappointing people)sucks!! {the calls were made and i avoided, i hope, canceling either one. I'm still waiting for one phone call to confirm everything...looks like that week we will be having live music three times. Could be worse.)
  • Re-work schedules for work
  • Breath....visualize swift silence, the blurred greens and brown of hillsides sliding up, sparkling whiteness, quiet car rides, really loud rockin tunes*, hot tea, sunrise, red topped mountains, frozen rivers, flocks of wild turkeys, herds of elk(please not on the road!), jagged peaks and smiles. And feet of fluffy, white, powder. (maybe tonight)
  • *must find mp3 player!! for both car and hill (where in the hell did I leave that thing..."KIDS") (YEAH!!! i found it.!) (sorry kids, never mind)
  • feed dear Elsie, and Virgil too ~ Done - and miss Elsie took a car ride to town, got to hang with me at work for a bit, took a walk down main street to have copies made, back to work, then to the grocery store and then finally home. which is still quiet.
  • think about updating/maintaining work blog...run away screaming...thinking ...umm yeah didn't go there. At. All.