Feb 9, 2010

List of a different sort

Gratitude...comes in all forms and for all sorts of things. At times when I feel like running, it is best to get present with all the blessings in my life. Here are a few....................

  • Family rising to the occasions (And really, when isn't there a occasion)
  • B - I love that man. For over 14years we have been lovers. Amazing!
  • Eldest girl - always singing. Thankfully sings beautifully - challenges that I never imagined, but definitely dished out to my parents. What's that? It comes back ten-fold. Ohh, crap. Grace~give me grace
  • Youngest boy - love of all things star wars. Snuggles each and every morning. Gapped smiles. Constant movement. 10lbs 9oz that didn't want to leave my body, but we worked together and all was good. The next George Lucas, he says.
  • Medicine. Flowers. Herbs. Tea. Glass. Stevia. Coconut. Kisses. Sweet-tarts. Carmel.
  • Kind, caring kids - who generally are pretty nice to each other
  • Birthday breakfast with new friends
  • Showing new friends one of my favorite shops downtown - it still has the heavenly smell that instantly transports me back to childhood. (even though I don't think I was ever in this shop as a kid)
  • My job
  • Hubbsters unemployment check
  • B's willingness to step up and help, actually rescue our school year
  • My parents help in our education process
  • WWW ladies - every person should be so lucky to have the three of you in their corner
  • Season passes for the family up at our local ski hill
  • Desire to learn
  • Great teachers
  • Smokeless winter skies (scared for this summer-we need snow! or a really wet long spring)
  • Pbs ~ commercial free 50 minutes (no me yelling 'turn the commercial off')
  • Alan Alda - fantastic things he shares
  • I.P.A + Pale + Ambers + Porters + Barley Wines + Blondes + the folks who appreciate them
  • Skunks....not really a fan of them-but here in our neck of the woods the arrival of spring is when skunks and red winged black birds return regardless of what the calendar says - now watching for the rwbb
  • New calves scampering across the fields
  • Cashmere sweaters and cozy pants
  • Crisp clean sheets that have been frozen/dehydrated out on the line. Heavenly. Makes me long for summer suns and all of our clothes being dried in such luxury
  • New music (do you, dear reader, have any music suggestions for me?)
  • Frye boots
  • Darn Tough socks...(if you have never owned a pair. you should)
  • Coconut shampoo and split end mender...but really its the coconutty smell-yum
  • Jean size going down. woo-hoo
  • Elsie's adoring eyes and thumping tail

The list goes on. But my time and attention must switch. For now.

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