Mar 7, 2009

Thursday and Friday

Family Thursday
For the past 3 to 4 weeks we have been waiting for snow.
A snow storm to be precise.
Each week when we head to the ski area
we hope for a fresh layer of silky crystals for our skis to dance over.
This week the weather looked promising.
Low clouds wrapped themselves around our mountains
and didn't let go for days.
Thursday morning we loaded up the truck

Precipitation at last! - our guesses
B - 5"
Princess - 3"
Prince - 74" (but with his hands shows 2')
Soft Rock Mama - 7.5"
Snow was the hot topic of conversation.
Until the stop for fresh warm doughnuts.
Then, which frosting was the best, took over.
We can be easily distracted.

The mountains surprised us.
They held 11" of perfect powder.
Which meant Prince was up to his knees.
He didn't seem to mind.

Neither did she.
Both kids are catching the untracked powder bug.
That makes us parents proud
and very happy.

Last year, this would never have happened.
Now our girl is ripping through the terrain park
going off jumps and sliding down rails.
This mama is proud, proud, proud!
Daddy too.
Check this out

Coming off the rail slide

Carving it up on her way down to...

...the next jump.

B looks on with pride.

All the way up, every time, the boy talks about jumping from the chair.
When it would be best -
How it would be best -
The amount of snow needed.
We explain that it will NEVER be a
good time or good place to jump from the lift.
He still tries to convince us that if there was enough fresh snow,
as in 20 feet or more,
he could do it. And we wouldn't need to worry,
he would be safe and not get hurt.
Lord help us.
{Notice the impromptu retaining device. Smart man that B.}

We took a detour through the trees.

Looking up

Untouched lines.

My boy and my man

Fixing gloves

For a few runs Prince needed one of my poles
(it made things awkward for me, I felt lop sided. As if, all the sudden I didn't have a clue what to do with my left hand. Should it just hang there, pretend to hold and imaginary pole, flop around, pick my nose.
So I requested it back.)
Our day was perfect. We all skied together all day long, not even minding that we were not skiing the other side of the mountain.
B and I were hatching a plan.
It was all started by this.
A text from my sister in-law -----
Sister In Law: Hey soft rock are you going skiing on friday? and do u have an available ticket?? Jon-zen :-)
Soft Rock Mama: Yep & yep! It is dumping up here this morn. They have got 4 more inches since 7am! Call u later
SIL: Sweet!
[A couple of hours pass, B and I come up with a brilliant plan - texts start flying]
SRM: we are kid free 2morrow! Any chance both u & my brother can ski? It is going to be sick
SIL: I do know hed give his left nut in order to go-we'll see what he can wrangle-yippee!
[side note - said seester and brother have 5 kiddos to pawn off, I mean arrange care for]
SRM: I spit beer out my nose, all over myself. Funny girl. Chat later.
SIL: Gales keepin kidlets! (and by no means does she want scotts nut-so he's in the clear) lets talk am meeting.
SRM: Freaking fantastic - lets meet 7:30
SIL: Yes indeed!
SRM: Filled the growler! We have at least 2 new inches here at the house. Ski area must be getting pounded. C u in the morn.
SIL: Sweet-ass buckets-o-pow with barley juice flowin-yes! C u in the am-luv to my sista!
That led us to...
Adult Friday

and 6 new inches
Clouds hung low all day.
Skiing off the top with limited visibility made you
very aware of trees and your speed.

Snow piled up on the trees
The winds never came!

The sun came out for about 4 minutes
providing great light for a few pictures

This one is my favorite

We skied hard all day long.
We all thought it was by far our best day of the season.
J, my SIL, thought it was her best day of skiing EVER!
We ended the day with pitchers of beer around the fire.
Swapping stories with other smiling skiers.
The lodge was buzzing with tales of freshies,
smiles were worn by all.

We headed home to our kids
With a quick stop on the way for sunsets and

He just barely escaped.
- Small arms around my neck, with strength to choke. Sticky fingers that he swears taste like chocolate and an invitation to sample them.
- A day of powder skiing with B. And my brother and sil.
- Grandparents help on short notice
- Sleeping in while kids play together in the living room. PBS cartoons.
- Egg in a baskets that quickly satisfy starving boys.
- Our family.


eurolush said...

Man, we had so much fun skiing those two days, didn't we??? Oh. Wait. I wasn't there, was I? That was you. Well, it almost FELT like I was there, too! And it WAS fun!

What an incredible two days you had. Gratitude, indeed! Lots of fresh snow and days of skiing and playing with family. Lucky dogs!

Loved the photos of your amazingly beautiful part of the world. What a life you have there!

Your family--kids, husband, SIL, brother, parents--all sound wonderful.

Thanks for sharing!

PS-I beat Eleanor here...hahahahaha. She's probably asleep right now in her warm comfy bed! Snooze you lose, E!

Eleanor said...

I like to let Eurolush get in first's good for her self-esteem, poor darling.

I know what you're thinking...I know....that Eurolush and her silly sled...flying down the hills while yelling "Last one down pays for the beer" was SO NOT COOL. It's called ADULT Friday for a reason.

P.S. Your posts have opened a new world to me. I have never skied (I'm not even sure if that's how to spell it) in my life. NEVER. This is so exciting Softrock!!!

P.P.S. Shut UP Eurolush.

Eleanor said...

Ok...It's Friday...I've got my skis and my helmet and I'm standing by my front door waiting for you to pick me up.

Where are you??!!

Eleanor said...

It's getting kinda cold here....waiting....