Jun 19, 2009


Fear is a powerful emotion.
And I am done with it.
I have let fear rule my posting. (and many other areas of my life)
No more.
Here - I capture MY life. The truth of my life.
Not the edited, cleaned up, pretty version I think you would be comfortable seeing. The truth.
If it is not liked, that is not my issue.
Being authentic, my goal.
Leaving our kids a peek of their childhood, my reason.
Creating new possibilities - my life.
Completing the past. Leaving it there.

- Family who gives me time and space to work on myself.
- Insights with the tools of ACTION because-Insights without action are meaningless.
- Ocean Beaches and kind hearts who open their homes to me a stranger.
- Landmark Forum and our coach Lonny McG. {& Miss Jo W for introducing me to landmark}
- My husbands arms around me and his lips on mine.
- My kiddos surprise party for me including salad and cake.

1 comment:

Eleanor said...

Hello Softrockmama! For some strange reason I was just thinking of your blog today, and I thought I'd check out whether you have a new post up. And you do!!

I bet all of that snow is long gone by now.

So good to hear your voice again.