Mar 3, 2009

Etiquette and Muscles

Last night I schooled myself in proper netiquette. And found out I'm failing on almost every subject.
I had wondered what was the proper way to respond to comments, do I respond on their blog, via email, in my comment box, telepathically, handwritten notes with flowers and warm cookies? I wasn't sure.
But now I know.
Please forgive my poor blog etiquette.
I'm still learning.

Speaking of learning - Yesterday afternoon we loaded the family up in the truck and headed to the big town. Kids and B wanted to ice skate. I had errands that needed tending to. I asked B load up my (actually his) bike and thought I would ride to all my stops.
I discovered a winter without bike riding means my legs were screaming a mere 6 minutes into my ride. My lesson learned, muscles used for skiing are NOT the same muscles used in bike riding. Crap.

Thankfully we have several weeks left to play on these before bike season is upon us. Aren't these flakes HUGE?

The way the crystals were layered was amazing.

I have never seen anything like it.


Eleanor said...

I didn't notice any faux pas....Now I'm worried...maybe there's something that I should know, and I'm not even aware that I don't know it yet??!!

That snowflake is unbelievable. It was hot and humid today in Sydney, so it's doubly thrilling to see your photograph.

P.S. I HAVE actually received handwritten notes AND flowers from Eurolush.

P.P.S. Really!!

P.P.P.S. And I HAVE sent her cookies - Tim Tams (an Aussie specialty), but they weren't warm. Because I'm not into baking. And also we live a bit far from each other, so even if I put them in the mail right after they (hypothetically speaking) came out of the oven, they'd cool down by the time they were delivered.

eurolush said...

Alright. Since you're now an expert on the rules of netiquitte, could you please school us?

Seriously. I don't know ANY rules. Have I been breaking them left and right without even noticing? Aiiiiiiii!!!

PS-Timtams are amazing.
PPS-Eleanor is also amazing. But not as chocolately and delicious.

eurolush said...

Ack! In my rush to tell you how delicious Timtams are, I forgot to say, "Oh, my! Those are some LARGE snowflakes you have there!"

Pretty, too.

Soft Rock Mama said...

Silly girls. Neither one of you seasoned bloggers need any schooling.
My biggest question was the 'rules' of responding to comments. As it appears or so I read, that the proper place to respond is in your own comment box where the question was first left.

So, I think, after a bit of back reading, you two are sisters? am I right?

Eleanor, do you miss having snow for christmas? Lucky you to have received both flowers and handwritten notes. Handwritten notes are the best, to bad they are becoming a bit rare.

Eurolush - an expert is the last word that could be used to discribe my knowledge of all things related to internet-etiquette or any etiquette for that matter. I'm still trying to figure out how to put a link into a post. And what fork to use first when we eat out in the big cities back east.
Ohhh the stories my in-laws can tell of me the country numbnut trying to blend in with the cultered city folk. And it NOT working. Not even close. Now, I don't give a rats ass.

Julia said...

I was about to ask about commenting rules too, and I've been blogging for donkey years! Maybe we could have a forum about it ;-).

Eleanor said...

Eurolush and I are not REALLY sisters, although we do call each other "sister". Because we adopted each other as sisters.

All right...all right...I'll tell you the story...We started blogging about a month apart (about a year ago) and discovered each other's blog soon after as we were both commenting in blackbird's blog.

Eurolush has a twin sister (not me) and two other sisters (neither of them me), and then she has me, whom she loves, like a sister. She's very generous.

Oh, and I don't miss the snow at Christmas because I'm Jewish. But it would probably totally freak you out to see how HOT it is here at Christmas time...pity all of those Santas in their heavy suits and beards!!!

Oh, and I LOVE that you don't give a rat's ass.