Oct 6, 2010

Three Things ~ In my opinion

1. Beer should be consumed fresh.

Straight from a brewery. I would include wine, but grapes are not known to grow very well at my elevation. But would love to be able to buy that too!

Every town, village, community, borough whatever you call your surrounding place, lets say within 38 miles, should have a local brewer. Then hopefully you will have a farmer or a local co-op with a way of procuring locally grown barley (malted of course) and if possible fresh local hops.

No cans. No freaking glass! No pasteurization shit. Just the fine elixir of life. Pure and real. In half gallon refillable containers. 2 or 3 at a time. Or as one dear lady does, fill up at least 6 every week. One of each on tap. All the girls moan and run when they see the milk crates bearing empty growlers.

And for crap's sake no damn fruit in the brew!!! {Though just to be honest, I once asked the brewer to brew a coconut porter....let that sink in.....it was incredible, that is if you like coconut, which I do VERY much and if you like porter which I'm not so fond of. But ohhh my that is one fruit that once a year in very skilled hands is a treat to partake of.}

[Oh, and I like stickers]

And for reality and truth....I have full growlers in my refrigerator right now. Sitting along side a few cans and glass bottles of beer.
One does NOT take glass of any sort on the river, so cans are used. Often.


2. Our neighboring community scarecrows were the best!!

This won Peoples choice

And why wouldn't it!??!!!

The sign reads - All in a day's work!

Fantastic! Well done local vet folks. Well done!


3. My home is beautiful

One of the views from my backyard

Summer discoveries with the family

A view of my daily drive, thought not normally wrapped in a lovely blanket of fog.

Do not swerve. Look down. Meet oncoming traffic, because if you do, one of you is going to backing up. Very.Carefully!

My favorite roof line
From my favorite barn
Proportions are just right, so is the dilapidation

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