Sep 22, 2008

Autumn and pyrex

So it happened at 9:44 this morning, according to the NPR fellow. Autumn is here. It sure does feel like it, cool and breezy, even with the sun trying to give us some rays as it moves ever farther away from our northern hemisphere.

I had the best intentions to have the kids put on warmer clothes and we would go for a hike to observe and be in nature. But, um well that didn't happen. Nope we are still in our little house them working on school and me cleaning out kitchen cupboards. An interesting and frustrating job. Why did I feel the need to save every glass vase that I have received during the past 12 years of marriage? Why? I don't have flower gardens to fill these empty vases. Nor do I see that happening in the near future. And the seemingly endless pieces of corning oven ware that I have never used, some that I didn't even know I owned. Why do I keep them? My lil brain tells me I keep them in case. In case of what? All my other shelves burdened with baking dishes suddenly crash to the floor and they all break into a million little pieces...but just wait, isn't corning/pyrex nearly impossible to break. Aaaaggghhhh. I baffle myself.

This evening holds soccer practice for the kiddos and husband. I'm trying my hand at making a vegi minestrone soup for dinner, baking some sort of bread and creating a salad. Oh and putting back all of my cupboard contents, minus the glass vases. But at least all that ovenware will be nicely organized to collect dust for another 12 years.

Tomorrow we make mozzarella for the first time. I'll try and get some pictures.

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