Jul 29, 2010

Team Me 1 - Team fear 0

Hello. I'm back.
Thought of writing often...then thought of other things.
I do want to want to leave a trail of sorts, a record of our lives.
When I think back to my childhood memories are a struggle.
I want our kids to have memories. Traditions. Joy. Family. I must create this.
But having none...and now waiting 13.75 years to start any, I find my self at a loss. Trying to figure out what traditions i want for our family. How? When? What?
It is times like this when I would have normally preferred to my 'stick my head in the sand' so to speak and wait for time to pass. But I'm afraid that another 13 years will pass and both kids will have moved out and on to their lives and I will still be sitting wishing.
I'm changing.
I'm checking in, coming off the bleachers and getting into the game of life. Playing full out. Balls to the wall, as the saying goes.
I'm scared.
Scared of failure.
Failure is not an option for me.
Neither is being stagnate.
Participating is. Perfection is not required.
Let the games begin.

Ohh, and there is a wedding at the farm this weekend. I'm so excited for my friend.

Gratitude X5
*Floating the river with the family
*Summer time thunder storms
*My family - quirks and all

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