Jan 18, 2009

Thursdays and such

Yes, I know today is Sunday but I'm thinking back. And I'm sitting in a brewery on my second beer so I'm allowed. I'd be allowed even if I wasn't here, just sayin.
Last week was great. simply, great. Nothing bad happened sun --> wed., but on Thursday, well Thursday was where great started.
Thursday actually started wed. night. Well, in reality wed. afternoon while doing laundry and setting certain capalene 'unders' aside. Darn tough and smart wool socks hung drying in front of the heater. And helmets, goggles and gloves all sat assembled ready to be packed into the ever ready bag. Thursday's lunch was prepared and packed. Skis were loaded. Alarm was set and we were ready for Thursday.
Thursday came early, around 6:30. But the light was scarce and beautifully tinted. I started breakfast, which consisted of fried egg sandwiches on english muffins with a sharp cheddar cheese, that is except for A he 'doesn't do melty cheese'. Funny fella. Kids wake and go to their piles of clothes all laid out waiting for them. Dressed and fed. Bathroom used, pack boots on, ski bags loaded into the trusty CRV. We head to the hill. Oh I wish you could all experience my little jewel. actually truth be told I don't want ya any where near it. I love its small town feel and small town crowds. So, please stay away. ever so kindly.
Our drive is beautiful, serene, slick and not to long. This particular Thursday morning were greeted with 4inches of dry silky powder. Let me bring you up to speed - A is 51/2 and I is 101/2 . This is our first year with a family season pass and we are using it at every opportunity. Both kiddos have their own gear. And miss I kicks it all over the mountain and she is willing to do it by herself. Great kid. Really great kid. And as this Thursday progresses Mr.A is 'getting it.' He now really understands his snowplow and how he makes a turn. And he is smiling. And I am not stressing/yelling. (this is huge I tell ya, huge) So we are all sliding down snow on curvy sticks and smiling. What a beautiful fricking day. Oh and by the way it was a blue-bird day,as they say. Blue skies and lots of sun.
Thursday led to Friday which was a ski day for Jen and I. Again another beautiful day and the skiing rocked. Which led to Saturday a family day which really rocked. But I'll write about that later.
Tomorrow skiing on the great MLK day. Hopefully pics too.
Life is good.

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